Why Allah? Why not just call God; GOD?


An objection often voiced by English speaking people is: why do Muslims have to use the ‘Arabic name for God, why not use the word God like normal people?

The English word ‘god’ is not really a name, but a general term that anybody can use to call upon their particular diety.  Christians call Jesus god, Hindus call cows god, some people even believe Satan is god. The problem with the word god is that it is too general, and it is not specific. The name Allah, however, is specific to the true universal God who created the universe and cannot apply to any other.

Furthermore, the general term god is derived from the old German word “gott”. The earliest attestation of this can be found in the 6th century Biblical Codex Argenteus in Matthew chapter 5, verse 34. The Hebrew, Aramiac and ‘Arabic texts did not address God using this term. It is seen from the earliest Hebrew texts that the Jews would address God by using the name Eloh, or its plural form Elohim. The Syriac Peshitta demonstrates that the early Christians would address God with the name of Allaha.  ‘Arabic speaking Jews, Christians, and Muslims all address God with the proper name Allah, and this is seen in both the ‘Arabic Bible and the Qur’an.


One thought on “Why Allah? Why not just call God; GOD?

  1. usefull note for the moon-god refutation Regional variants of the word Allah occur in both pagan and Christian pre-Islamic inscriptions Christian Julien Robin (2012). Arabia and Ethiopia. In The Oxford Handbook of Late Antiquity. OUP USA. pp. 304–305. ISBN 9780195336931, Hitti, Philip Khouri (1970). History of the Arabs. Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 100–101.

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