Rolling Out – The First Islamic Da’wah Cart

The first ever da’wah cart rolled out onto the busy streets of Hyson Green to deliver the message of Islam and help facilitate a better understanding of the religion. A simple trolley based booklet stand packed with free translations of the Qur’an and plenty of informative pamphlets and booklets and a catchy sign poster which reads “What Does Islam Really Teach? and Take a Free Qur’an.
All this on two wheels, easy to assemble and pack away, and move through the city streets with ease. More importantly, it attracts the people and reassures them that they can take freely from the cart without being hassled or preached to.
“We are not here to jump in front of people and preach. We are here to deliver the message and assist on demand. We only wish to present the real message of Islam and that is the message of peace” said Muhammad ‘Abdur Rasheed, one of the founders of the Invite 2 Islam Da’wah Initiative.
In the climate of rising Islamophobia, Invite 2 Islam Da’wah Initiative endeavours to face the challenges in sharing the true message of Islam. However, the founder feels that the greatest threat facing the Muslims at present is not the rise of Islamophobia, but the unwillingness of Muslims to share their faith with the wider British community.
“Da’wah [the science of calling to the way of Allah] has been heavily neglected. Many mosques have been erected, but they are full of people that, mostly, do not have the ability to present the message in English or at worst, they are not at all interested. Allah always sent a Prophet to his respective people to speak their language, and furthermore, so the people can relate to him. Converts and English speaking Muslims should realise that the same principle applies to the da’wah. Converts and even British born Indo-Pak youth have struggled throughout the years and are still struggling to establish themselves as British Muslims in a community where indo-pak culture seems to dictate and dominate everything. The community we live within has long forgotten that Islam is a convert religion and that the most practised Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, is da’wah, and that he constantly, continuously and consistently called to the way of Allah. Most Muslims have reduced da’wah to simply smiling at people to the point it has become ridicule for non Muslims to mimic an indian accent whilst saying “Thank you, come again”. A cheesy smile is not going to win over anybody any time soon. Real conversations about real issues that have impact on both the Muslim and non-Muslim community should be discussed. Too long and often have the issues been swept under the rug like they do not exist. Non-Muslims want tohear some good honest straight up discourse. We are here to offer that, on whatever level we are challeneged”.
The invite 2 Islam Da’wah Initiative was set up early 2014 under the name “The Islamic Response” and has since been active in the field of da’wah, distributing Qur’an translations upon request to a non-Muslim readership, giving information, and clarifying the many misconceptions regarding the religion of Islam.

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